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CheckMark Consulting, Inc. was conceived and founded by Mark Baker. Mr. Baker was a founding director of Modular Mining Systems, Inc., a company that continues to create and provide a variety of high technology solutions to the mining industry.

His contributions were instrumental to creating and expanding a niche market for the innovative solutions that completely revolutionized a relatively low technology, highly capital-intensive industry. Having helped specify, market and deploy these novel solutions worldwide, Mr. Baker gained a unique insight that can provide vital assistance to business owners and help them to achieve success both domestically, and in the international arena.

His extensive exposure to both large and small mining operations worldwide provides him with a unique first hand understanding of the opportunities for success achievable through World’s best practices in action. This perspective helped his company provide products and services that produced substantial productivity improvements to what were already considered the world’s most efficient producers.

Autonomous Haul Truck

After the sale of Modular Mining Systems to Komatsu, Mr. Baker was responsible for managing the successful development and deployment of the world's first commercial autonomous haulage system.

Mr. Baker served on the board of directors of Modular's owner, Komatsu Mining Systems, Inc., a large, international equipment supplier. During his tenure, he helped develop and direct the creation and expansion of its global mining division.

Mr. Baker is currently a founding director for Phoenix Drill Control, a company that provides autonomous drilling systems that do not require OEM control system replacement. 

He currently serves as an advisor to Blue Planet Strategies, a company that modifies the chemistry of mine generated waters without the use of added chemicals. BPS also extracts metals from mine generated fluids to create additional revenue streams. 


Mr. Baker is also a Senior Partner of Flow Partners, a group of experienced consultants that provide Value Stream insite by applied Lean Mining.

Mark is a member of the executive committee of the Global Mining and Standards Group.

He is also a member of the Industrial Leadership Board for the Department of Mining and Geological Engineering at The University of Arizona. Mark is also a commercialization partner with Tech Launch Arizona.

Mr. Baker served on the board of directors of MineWare, a company that supplies enhanced weigh systems for loading tools. In addition to real time bucket weights for shovels, excavators and draglines, MineWare's systems ensure compliance to plan and minimize damage to equipment.

Mr. Baker was a member of the board of directors for the NanoSteel® Company, an advanced materials company that develops and supplies Super Hard Steel® (SHS) alloys with nanoscale microstructures for use as metallic coatings within the concrete & cement, mining & aggregates, oil & gas and power generation industries.

Mark has been an advisor to Resource Recovery Technologies, LLC., a company that uses centrufuges that maximize the recovery of organics in the Solvent Extraction process, effectively eliminating the excess organics that traditionally flow to the tank house and back to the leach piles. 

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These broad based experiences enhance CheckMark's service offerings which are designed to help businesses benefit from its success and experience.