CheckMark Consulting, Inc.

Helping Businesses Identify Their Unique Path to Success

Technology-based Product Services

CheckMark Consulting, Inc. offers a unique service to companies striving to market and place revolutionary technologies into emerging markets. CheckMark’s roots are well planted in the early stages of modern-day technology-based product development. CheckMark’s expertise is derived from its involvement with the specification, design and development of large-scale computer-based real time information and control systems, and moved forward towards the automation of ultra-class, off road, driverless mine haulage vehicles.

Complex technology introduction requires a creative understanding of market development to ensure commercial success. Creating a unique or significantly improved product does not necessarily lead to increased market share, or success in the global marketplace. Of course the developer/entrepreneur will have a great understanding of the product, and, hopefully its intended application, but commercialization is not automatic for even the best technological solution. CheckMark can help identify product viability and feasibility for the targeted market.

Mining is a complex mixture of innovative technologies combined with traditional methods. CheckMark Consulting’s experience in navigating this complex maze to success can add value to even the most sophisticated supplier.

The wide array of technologies required to provide real-time monitoring and fleet control are daunting in the best of environments. Mining requires technologies that are outstanding in their fields in order to provide the total solution in an environment that is the most demanding of all. Having roots firmly planted in the mining industry, CheckMark can help suppliers gain a better understanding of the unique nature of this business.

CheckMark can help a company decide on the most effective strategy for positioning its products in the global market. CheckMark works with the company’s team to find the right strategies in a timely manner. This is CheckMark’s most important contribution, as time, in today's rapidly changing marketplace, can provide your competitor an advantage that is difficult to reverse.