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Mining Services

CheckMark can provide mine management with a unique insight into daily operations. The intimate involvement in the creation and development of today's modern mine management systems provides CheckMark with a special understanding of an efficient mine's operating procedures and the positive effect of interaction through information flow between the various in-house groups.

CheckMark Consulting’s background spans the globe. From North America to the remote mining corners of the world, regardless of the material mined, CheckMark’s founder has been involved in helping to identify the bottlenecks that have prevented maximum yield from a wide array of site operations. Mining companies in emerging countries can benefit greatly from CheckMark’s vast exposure. The modernization and updating of operations worldwide set the foundation for CheckMark Consulting’s Mining Business Services.

As with the case of most business ventures, routine interruptions often impair the strategic thought process for senior level managers. Such normal disturbances can prevent even the most skilled manager from being able to clearly visualize the larger picture in a timely enough manner to fix, rather than patch reoccurring problems. As such, prioritization to the vast array of ongoing issues, in a strategic sense, is usually lost to one taking the path of least resistance. This typically leads to the reoccurrence of problems whose solutions have never been properly identified or implemented. Such solutions need not be novel or unique. CheckMark Consulting can help by providing an un-obscured perspective that can assist management to clearly identify the issues, which generally leads to finding the correct solutions. Such services can help break the daily routine and allow management to move forward in the quest for continuous improvement.

CheckMark Consulting can assist senior mine operators in the evaluation process to help select from the best new technologies designed to enhance the way material is moved throughout the operation. As innovative systems are created, CheckMark can help identify the most promising for a specific operation. As each site differs, it is critical for an operation to select the right technology to satisfy its unique needs. CheckMark Consulting can help identify the best solutions to address such site-specific issues.

In times such as these, when revolutionary technologies are emerging in the mining marketplace, CheckMark Consulting can provide the experienced insight necessary to ensure high capital outlay decisions are properly directed to yield maximum benefits and highest overall returns.